They are synthetic fibres (similar in appearance to your natural lashes) that are carefully and precisely attached to each individual lash (not your skin). Once applied, the lashes are natural looking and virtually weightless. Different looks can be achieved with various curls, thickness and length options. That is why we offer classic and volume styles, classic is more natural and uses one individual extension per eyelash where as volume gives you a boost of fullness with the ability to apply multiple extensions per eyelash. Amount of extensions used will depend on the service booked but more importantly what your natural eyelashes can handle. We will discuss with you what options you have after assessing your natural eyelashes during consultation.

At First On Spencer, we offer Classic, Volume and even “Hybrid” Lashes. Classics are one individual lash extension per natural lash, (1:1). Volume lashes are 3+ lash extensions per natural lash (3D+). Hybrid lashes are the combination of classic and volume. Classic is more of a natural look; Volume is very dramatic while Hybrid is right in between. We will make recommendations during your consultation once you come in for your appointment if you are not sure what to get.

Eyelash extensions will stay on your natural lashes for the remaining life of your lash cycle when applied correctly. Your eyelash extensions will fall out with your natural lash and permanence will depend on how well they are maintained. Factors such as eyelash characteristics, your lifestyle and general care will play a strong role in the life of your lash extensions (i.e., clients who have oily skin may be more prone to lashes shedding quicker). There is no guarantee of how long a set or fill will last, as there is no way of knowing your lash cycle. On average though, everyone sheds between 3-5 natural lashes per day.

Your lashes need to be maintained to ensure they are looking their best. As your natural lashes naturally shed, gaps will form in your set. As your natural lashes grow out too, the extensions will grow with them and can lose their shape. A regular refill is needed to fill and gaps and remove and replace lashes that have grown out. Ideally, a refill should be done every 2-3 weeks to ensure your lashes are always looking their best.

Time in between refills will also vary between classic and volume. With classic lashes, fills are needed more frequently as there are less extensions applied compared to a volume set. Classic refills may be between 1-2 weeks and Volume between 2-4 weeks. If you like a fuller look then it’s recommended to get a fill every 2 weeks to keep that full luscious look at all times. Otherwise 3 weeks is great for maintenance.

If you come back with less than 30% lashes, it will be considered a new set.

Times may vary depending on the type of style you choose. New sets can range from 1 and a half to 3 hours, fills can take 1 and to 2 hours.

Eyelash Extensions are totally safe as long as they are applied by a Certified Eyelash Technician who has been trained to do Eyelash Extensions in a safe manner. You will also have to follow the aftercare instructions provided.

Mascara is not necessary and not recommended when you have extensions.

After your initial application, we recommend to keep your lashes dry for at least 24 hours to ensure the adhesive sets and bonds completely. After this time frame you can continue your daily routine as normal. Keep in mind hot yoga, saunas and anything with steam will break down the bond of the adhesive quicker.

We may perform a patch test on your skin or apply one lash to your eyes and send you home for 48 hours to see if you have any reactions. Based on that we can decide if you are a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions. When booking, please select patch test and we will be in contact.

Chances of an allergic reaction are really slim. There’s two things that can go wrong after getting eyelash extensions and both are 100% fixable.

1. You have an allergic reaction to the glue. If this happens you will know within 48 hours because your eyes will he puffed, red and itchy. In this case I ask that you call me immediately.

2. You experience irritation. Irritation looks very similar to an allergic reaction but its not as severe and it generally doesn’t last longer than 24 hours. An irritation should be getting better as time passes. If you suffer from allergies you are more likely to have irritation due to lash extensions but just as your allergies fade so will your eye irritation. There is no need to remove your eyelash extension if it’s just an irritation.

If your eye makeup contains heavy oils such as glycerine, you will likely experience early lash loss. With eyelash extensions you have to be careful when removing make-up around the eye as you can risk pulling out eyelashes. We sell eye makeup removers in the salon suitable for extensions.

Mechanical eyelash curlers are not recommended as they can damage the eyelash extensions.  But good news is that the lashes stay curled so there’s no real need for curling.

We do refill other lash artist work if they are up to our standard. Prior to booking please get in contact with us as we will book you in as our last client for the day if a removal and new set is needed.

Wash your face as you normally would each morning and night although don’t rub your eyes too aggressively. You’ll be given a “Lash Shampoo” on your first visit to First On Spencer so you can give your lashes a good wash about 3 times a week. You will also be given a spoolie “brush” at every appointment so you can brush your lashes every morning and night. Please discard your old spoolie when you are given a new one from us.

Do NOT take extensions off yourself because you will pull out your natural lashes. Make an appointment for a removal and save your natural lashes.


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