Lashes naturally fall out so as your natural lashes are lost, your extensions will be lost too. Everyone loses their lashes at different rates but we often recommend a refill every two to three weeks to ensure they remain full and beautiful. Anything longer than a month or less than 20 remaining lashes will require a new set to be applied. If you do retain your lashes extremely well then a refill may be applied after five weeks.

We often cannot apply a refill to a set that has been applied by another salon due to issues with quality. If this is the case, any previous extensions will be removed and a new set applied. If you do however, have a high quality set that you would like refilled, let us know and we’ll check to see if this is possible.

Signs of bad quality lashes include twisting, clumping, eye irritation or lashes shedding quickly. If you have had issues with a salon, please don’t request a refill from them. The best thing to do would be to have this set removed and a new set applied. Applying more lashes cannot fix a low quality job.