Classic Extensions

Classic Extensions

What are Classic Lashes?

Using the signature 1-to-1 technique, these lashes are ideal for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. They’re incredibly light, soft, and look like a million bucks. One thing that is different at First On Spencer is that we lash every single healthy and viable eyelash during your appointment. That means that whether you have 60 natural lashes or 100, your lash volume will double with a classic lash set.

During each Classic Eyelash Extension appointment, we will create a custom lash map based on your natural lashes, eye shape, and desired lash look. We take into account your natural lash length, strength, shape, and density to create a beautiful, full eyelash extension set for each client. Because each client has different eye shapes, natural lashes, and desires, each eyelash extension set is totally unique.


Who would benefit from Classic Lashes?

Classic Eyelash Extensions are perfect for clients with naturally long and healthy eyelashes. Clients who are looking to ditch the mascara for a longer, darker eyelash experience would be ideal candidates for Classic Lashes.

Making an appointment for a Classic Lash Set or Classic Lash Fill at First On Spencer is the beginning of your wonderful lash journey. Please allow 2 hours for a full Classic set and 1 hour for each fill. You will be provided lash cleaner and wands to wash your lashes when you book in a full set. Come experience the difference at First On Spencer Lashes.


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